TriPress Community Guidelines

TriPress Community is an online forum where TriPress users from everywhere in world discuss about politics, news and also other topics. The goal of TriPress is to create a social environment where peoples learn to live together no matter their ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, political opinions and personal values. It’s why these guidelines are created in order to assure this international social cohesion.

What you must do

By using TriPress Community, there are some engagements that you need to take in order to keep a safe and positive place for everyone :

  • Categorizing correctly your topics : You need to categorize your topics in the appropriate category if you want to have more revelant answers to your issues.
  • Being a good world citizen : Don’t forget that you live in a same world with a community of people with diverse opinions, beliefs and values. Thus, you need to engage to accept that you will read speeches and opinions that will displease you.
  • Reporting abuse that you find in TriPress Community : Admins and moderators are not necessary still there to patrol and moderate content violating our rules. It’s why we ask you to report us any abuse by contacting us.

What you are not allowed to

Don’t forget that if you violate TriPress Community guidelines, you may be partially or totally banned from this forum. Here are some pratices that violate TriPress Community guidelines :

  • Using objectionable speech against groups of people : Racist, Neo-Nazi and misogynistic speeches are not welcome on TriPress Community. We allow criticism of politics and governement of any country, but content that promotes indiscriminate stigmatization and/or incites to violence against any group of people will be removed and may result in sanctions against infringers.
  • Publishing sexually explicit content : Since forum topics are visible only for TriPress Community users and TriPress usage is prohibited under 18 years old, some nudity and other obscene content are allowed. However, some content may be so obscene that they will not be allowed on TriPress Community forum. Finally, don’t post any content related to child sexual abuse if you don’t want to be banned and reported to international authorities.
  • Harassing and threatening other users : We strictly prohibit targeted harassment and threats of violence against other people depending on their race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, disability, political opinions or social status. Failure to comply with this rule may result in temporary blocking or permanent banishment of your account(s).
  • Glorifying murder and suicide : Glorifying suicide is not allowed on TriPress Community and will result in temporary blocking of said accounts so that they will be keep away from other users the time they change their attitude and get better.
  • Inciting to war and violence : Don’t call to initiate a war of aggression against any nation or people. TriPress Community if a place that requires complying with international social cohesion so that if you have any problem with that, we recommend you to find an another online social forum.
  • Promoting terrorism and political violence against civilians : We have a zero tolerance policy for usage of TriPress services by terrorist and violent groups (such as Daesh, Al Qaeda, Jewish Defense League, Proud Boys, Pravy Sektor, etc.), and any association with these groups (or promotion of these groups) will result in permanent banishment from all TriPress services.
  • Violating the law : TriPress services are not above international law and other applicable laws so that you are not allowed to violate copyrights, seek to buy dangerous weapons, engage yourself in human trafficking and/or ethnic cleansing or call to violently overthrow legal governements.

Spamming and trolling are also disallowed on TriPress, that includes :

  • Posting irrevelant answers.
  • Posting questions and/or topics that are already tackled since few times.
  • Constantly categorizing your topics in wrong categories.
  • Using multiple accounts in order to mislead other users.
  • Constantly sending links to your personal website.
  • etc.

In case of violation of TriPress Community Guidelines

Failure to comply with TriPress Community Guidelines may result in following sanctions :

  • Attributing you the “contributor” status so that you will be temporarily or pemanently banned from TriPress Community subforums related to politics and religion.
  • Attributing you the “subscriber” status so that you will be temporarily or pemanently banned from all TriPress Community subforums.
  • Blocking your TriPress account and temporarily prohibiting you to use TriPress services.

Or in most serious cases :

  • Deactivating your TriPress account and permanently banning you from our platform.

Noting that you may not create new accounts in order to evade sanctions on your old account(s).


Effective date : October 20th 2018