TriPress rules

By registering on TriPress you comply with Terms of Service including TriPress rules.

TriPress remains strongly committed to freedom of speech and allows those who are banned from Facebook and/or Twitter to use the services. Nevertheless, we have also our own rules that users must respect. In case of non-compliance with these rules, we may impose variety of sanctions against infringers ranging from temporairy blocking of their accounts to their permanent banishment from TriPress.

Intellectual property

By registering on TriPress you comply with our rules that prohibit infringments to intellectual property and copyrights. We remember that we may be held responsible for failure to fully comply with applicable laws and it’s why infringers may be sanctioned in case of violation of these laws.

The following types of content are infringments to intellectual property and copyrights :

  • Copy-and-past of posts in their entirety from other websites without permission from the authors.
  • Resumption of informations from other websites without cite your sources.
  • Unauthorized music and images in your posts.

If your activity and/or posts contain unauthorized images, we will censor these images. If you post images in your posts or your activity page, you may have to inform us about the place where you took these images in order to certify us that you respect intellectual property and copyrights doing this.

Adult content

We allow nudity, offensive language, pornography, depictions of graphic violence and other adult content, but adult content is submitted to strict rules.

If you want to publish posts with adult content, you requirely must classify these articles in “Rated X” category. That way, these posts will be submitted to age restriction, and we will ask to search engines to not index these posts. It’s a way to do a compromise since adult content doesn’t violate laws or TriPress rules, but is not appropriate for all. As child under 18 years old are not allowed to use TriPress, we allow TriPress users to spread explicit content if this content is placed in private spaces. Adult content is however not allowed on DWQA service or public spaces.

If adult content doesn’t violate TriPress rules, the following types of content are however violations to these rules :

  • Child pornography
  • Depiction of child abuse
  • Hateful slurs
  • Glorification of murder and suicide
  • Promotion of terrorism and political violence

Editors and ourselves will investigate and determine if your posts go beyond adult content. If you post any content promoting child abuse, this content will be reported to Interpol by respect for international law and other applicable laws. Where applicable, you will also be temporarily or permanently banned from TriPress.

Inappropriate behavior

By registering on TriPress you comply with TriPress rules about inappropriate behavior. Failure to comply with these rules may result either in temporary blocking of your account(s) or your permanent banishment from TriPress in case of serious threat to security of other users.

Usually, one’s personnal freedom ends where another’s begins. By registering on TriPress, you agree that other users will have opinions and make remarks that will displease you.

*We remember that TriPress is only for adults and that trolls and immature teens are not welcome on our platform.

Targeted harassment :

Targeted harassment is strictly prohibited while that we won’t accept that users being silenced due to some people who don’t support opposed views.

The following types of behavior are or may be considered as targeted harassment :

  • Automated messages (especially to those who are not among your personal friends)
  • Unwanted sexual advances (especially if you don’t know person concerned)
  • Quoting persons to denigrate them
  • Threats of violence
  • Injury wishes
  • etc.

If you want to be friend with someone, we recommend you to check what this person do, to interest you to his/her interests and to engage a communication with him/her on common interests. Someone who doesn’t know who you are may refuse to have a friendly or loving relationship with you. Also accept that it could take time before other users accept to have a friendly or loving relationship with you.

Doxxing :

Doxxing is, according Wikipedia’s definition, “the Internet-based practice of researching and broadcasting private or identifiable information (especially personally identifiable information) about an individual or organization.”

We prohibit doxxing and those who engage in such practice take the risk to be temporarily or permanently barred from platform.

This includes per example revealing an email address of other user without his/her consentment. If a personal friend gave you his/her email address, you agree to not publish it so as not to break his/her confidence.

You have to be warned that victim of doxxing may also sue you and put you in a hell of a mess.

In addition, you may not collect personal data from other users for malicious purposes.

Banned pseudonyms :

Well that we allow users to choose a pseudonym to mask their identity, use of pseudonyms are submitted to some rules :

  • Your pseudo must be stable.
  • Your pseudo must not contain hateful mentions.
  • You must not impersonate other person.

Accounts that impersonate other persons will be banned from TriPress.

*Noting that you don’t automatically violate TriPress rules if you share a similar name with other person without share common traits with him/her. You are also allowed to create a parodic account if you strictly specify that you are not the person that you parody.

Behaviors that don’t automatically violate TriPress rules :

If we prohibit agressive and hateful behaviors, behaviors and remarks that are simply unpleasing or shocking as well as expressing personal frustrations are not necessary offenses to TriPress rules.

We understand that our societies are increasingly dangerous and violent and that excessive kindness may be considered as weakness. It’s why we won’t censor those who may get upset a little. In the worst case, a shocking content that doesn’t violate TriPress rules could be submitted to age restriction without be necessarily removed.

If a user annoys you, you may simply block it and don’t think of him/her anymore (noting that you may not block admins or moderators). We will intervene only if an user becomes aggressive or threatens other users.

TriPress content

By registering on TriPress you also comply with TriPress rules about content of your activity and posts.

The following types of content are disallowed and will be removed from TriPress :

  • Racism, antisemitism, russophobia, islamophobia and xenophobia : We strongly believe in freedom of speech but don’t allow content that stigmatizes or incites to hatred or violence against any people. We distinguish legitimate criticism of politics or government of any country, indiscriminate stigmatization of any people and calls to violently destroy any country.
  • Ethnic and religious slurs : You may not use hateful slurs in order to denigrate any group of people. Failure to comply with this rule may result sanctions against infringers. However, if you want to use hateful slurs in an educational context, you may put these slurs in quotation marks to indicate us that you don’t endorse these slurs.
  • Promotion of “zero immigration” policy : We allow criticism of multiculturalism, globalization and immigration problems, but if a content justifies indiscriminate stigmatization of refugees, foreigners and migrants or calls to “compulsored remigration”, ethnic cleansing or “Reconquista” by violence, it will be removed from TriPress. If you are from alt-right or identitarian movements, we will ask you to put water in your wine and adapt your views to comply with TriPress rules.
  • Political and religious proselytism : Each person has different religious, political and personal opinions and we ask you to respect diversity of beliefs, opinions and values and not harass or threaten anyone regarding his/her personal opinions.
  • Neo-Nazi content and denial of crimes against humanity : Holocaust denial, Nazi symbolism, Neo-Nazi propaganda and any other content that would be illegal in France, Belgium or Switzerland are not welcome on TriPress. If you want to post such content, we recommand you to go either on, Daily Stormer or any other alt-right website.
  • Calls to war and violence : It’s forbidden to use TriPress in order to threaten of violence other individuals or groups of people, or call to initiate a war of aggression against other nations and peoples. Our world being increasingly dangerous and unstable, we estimate that those who convey pro-war propaganda may create a risk to all of us.
  • Glorification of murder and suicide : We understand those who experience depressive periods and fully sympathize with them. If you also experience depression or have suicidal ideas, you may notify us all so that we may provide our help or inform specialized services that may help you. However, if you post content that glorifies suicide or threatens other users, we will temporarily block your account in order to incite you to take a break and change your attitude.
  • Promotion of terrorism and political violence against civilians : We have a zero tolerance policy for users associated with terrorist groups or using violence to hurt civilians, and any attempt to use our services in order to coordinate (or recuit for) such activities will result in outright expulsion from TriPress. Even if you want to publish terrorism-related content in an educational context, you requirely must place such content in private spaces in order to not let this visible for child under 18 years old.
  • Any content that violates applicable laws : You requirely must follow laws of country in which you reside and are not allowed to i) call to violently overthrow legal governments, ii) promote trafficking of humans, iii) engage yourself in criminal activities or iv) help other users involved in such activities. We may also be brought to remove a content that complies with TriPress rules, but is illegal in your country in order to respect applicable laws, and sovereignty of each country.

If you don’t like our rules and don’t want to comply with, we recommand you to find an other social platform that allows incitement to hatred and violence against groups of people.

Spamming and trolling

We also have rules against spammers and trolls who would want to use services in order to disrupt the website climate.

We don’t automatically ban users suspected of spam because we need something concret to conclude that an user is well a spammer or a troll. However, we will put suspect users in our spam list in order to mask them and prevent harmful activities in TriPress.

Here are some practices that we consider as spam :

  1. You publish more than five or ten almost empty posts per day (if you just want to post a brief declaration, we recommand you to use the “activity” page of your account instead).
  2. You interact with others users in an another language than that of these users.
  3. You publish posts in other languages that supported languages.
  4. You don’t categorize your posts in the appropriate categories.
  5. You send automated messages to those who are not among your personal friends.
  6. You aggressively react with automated likes, replies or shares.
  7. You create multiple accounts or fake accounts to mislead other users.
  8. You change your name, your profile photo or your cover image as often as you change your clothes.
  9. Your name, your profile photo and your cover image are suspect.
  10. Your basic informations are either empty, missing, false or inaccurate.

Multiple accounts :

Normally, Internet users create and use only one account in each service. However, if you want to create more than one account on TriPress, there are several rules that you must respect :

  • You must specify somewhere (ideally in your biography) that you use more than one account to not mislead us (this rule won’t necessary be enforced if, per example, you use only one of your two accounts and that you no longer use your old account).
  • You are not allowed to use multiple accounts to create fake account interactions.
  • You are not allowed to use multiple accounts to manipulate TriPress tendencies.
  • You are not allowed to create multiple accounts in a automated way.
  • You are not allowed to create multiple accounts to engage in targeted harassment against your opponents.
  • You are not either allowed to create new accounts in attempt to evade a blocking or banishment of your old account(s).

Users who are caught to violate TriPress rules about use of multiple accounts may be permanently banned from platform.

In case of non-compliance

In case of violation of TriPress rules, following sanctions may be applied :

  • Temporarily putting your account in spam list while we examine it to determine if you are or not involved in spam activity.
  • Blocking your account until forbidden content is deleted.
  • Blocking your account during a period of 30 to 90 days.
  • Blocking your account during indeterminate period and temporarily forbidding you to use TriPress services (where applicable, we will put us in relation with blocked users).
  • Disabling your account(s) and permanently banning you from TriPress.

Or in case of serious threat to security of TriPress community and users :

  • Blocking your IP address and preventing you to visit our website (this sanction will be applied especially for terrorist propaganda, cyber-criminal activities and spam activities).

If we disable your account(s), don’t create new accounts without our authorization.


TriPress rules may be modified any time for any reason.


If you have questions about TriPress rules, you may use DWQA service.


Effective date : September 22th 2018