Terms of Service

By registering on TriPress, you comply with Terms of Service including privacy policy and TriPress rules.

By registering on TriPress, you agree to be bound by TriPress Terms of Service. If you don’t want to be bound by these Terms, don’t use under any circumstance TriPress.

By using TriPress, you agree that you will see content that may disturb or offend you. We won’t remove any content unless it violates our rules or applicable laws.

Your account

To create a TriPress account, you need to give some basic informations as :

  • Your email address (we will only use it to contact you in need)
  • Your username (that you may not modify yourself)
  • Your gender
  • Your birth date
  • Your language
  • Your country

All your basic informations must be exact and complete if you don’t want to be barred to use our platform. We however allow you to choose a pseudonym and an avatar as profile photo if you don’t want to publicly show your real identity.

Once you completed the registration form, you will have to wait before admins activate your account. You will receive an email notification when your account will be activated. Just be patient.

*If you create an account by using Google, Twitter or VKontakte, you must also comply with terms and conditions of these services.

Who may use the service?

You may use the services only if you agree to form a binding contract with TriPress and if you are not barred from do it for following reasons :

  • You are a child under 18 years old.
  • You were previously banned from TriPress platform for violating Terms of Service.
  • You are not allowed to use TriPress services due to applicable laws.
  • You are associated with any group promoting terrorism or political violence against civilians.

If you are included among these persons, you are not allowed to use TriPress services.

If we learn by judicial authorities that you have been condemned for physical violences or sexual aggression, we will temporarily block your account the time you will serve your prison sentence (unless exception, we never delete inactive accounts and don’t check criminal record of anyone). We will however deactivate your account if you have been sentenced in life imprisonment, per example because you have been condemned for terrorism or mass murder.

Your engagements

When you use TriPress as when you use Twitter or other social networks, you become de facto a “world citizen” so that you have to interact with web users from everywhere in world. It’s why TriPress imposes an “international social cohesion” that users agree to respect.

By using TriPress services, you engage :

  • To accept that other users will have different values from yours.
  • To rejet discrimination based on age, nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability or mental disease.
  • To promote pacific coexistence between nations and peoples.
  • To defend basic concepts of privacy, freedom and democracy.

We strongly defend freedom of speech, but this freedom doesn’t make sens if people don’t stand to defend it.

What you are not allowed to do

With things that you must do on TriPress, there are things that you are not allowed to do under penalty to be permanently banned from our platform :

  • Targeted harassment, doxxing and threats against other users in order to silencing them.
  • Impersonating another person in the aim of damaging him/her.
  • Collecting personal data of other users for malicious purposes.
  • Accessing to another user’s account without his/her express authorization.
  • Promoting terrorism or associate yourself with terrorist persons and organizations.
  • Plotting with other users to acquire firearms or any other kind of weapons for hurting civilians.
  • Using TriPress services for illegal purposes.
  • Downloading malwares in order to disrupt the functioning of TriPress or any other website (we don’t allow Internet users involved in cyber-attacks against any website to having a presence on TriPress).

Others offenses will not necessary result in your permanent banishment from out platform, but may anyway result sanctions against you (see list of offenses included in TriPress rules).


You must be warned that TriPress could be held liable for non-compliance with applicable laws and it’s why you could be barred to use our services if you subject us to prosecution.

TriPress being a private property, you must be warned that we don’t have no obligation to allow anyone to use our services.


TriPress TOS may be modified any time for any reason.


If you have questions about TriPress Terms of Service, you may use DWQA service.


Effective date : June 29th 2018