Terms of Service

TriPress Terms of Service include privacy policy and all rules that you need to follow.

By registering on TriPress, you agree to be bound by TriPress Terms of Service. If you don’t want to be bound by these Terms, don’t use under any circumstance TriPress.

By using TriPress, you agree that you will see content that may disturb or offend you. We won’t remove any content (as offensive as is it) unless it violates our rules or applicable laws.

Your account

To create a TriPress account, you need to give some basic information as :

  • Your email address (we will only use it to contact you in need)
  • Your username (that you may not modify yourself)
  • Your gender
  • Your birth date (we remember that child under 18 are under no circumstances allowed to use our services)
  • Your language
  • Your country

All your basic information must be exact and complete if you don’t want to be barred to use our platform. We, however, allow you to choose a pseudonym and an avatar as profile photo if you don’t want to publicly show your real identity.

Once you completed the registration form, you will have to wait before admins activate your account. You will receive an email notification when your account will be activated.

Otherwise, you may create an account on TriPress by using Discord, Twitter or VKontakte. In this case, you will skip the step of validation of registration by ourselves, but you will have to comply with the Terms of Service of these services.

You will also have to create an account on WordPress.com and integrate your TriPress account with your WordPress.com account if you want to automatically share your posts on your favorite social networks. You may also ask us personally to integrate your TriPress account with your Steemit account if you want to automatically publish your TriPress posts on Steemit (in this case, we will need your Steemit username and your private posting key).

Using TriPress also requires some knowledge in the English language since some sections of our social media may not be translated.

Who may use the service?

You may use the services only if you agree to form a binding contract with TriPress and if you are not barred from doing it for the following reasons :

  • You are a child under 18 years old.
  • You were previously banned from TriPress platform for violating our Terms of Service.
  • You are not allowed to use TriPress services due to applicable laws.
  • You are associated with any group promoting terrorism or political violence against civilians.

If you are included among these persons, you are not allowed to use TriPress services.

If we learn by judicial authorities that you have been condemned for physical acts of violence or sexual aggression, we will temporarily block your account the time you will serve your prison sentence (this same policy will apply if you are not legally allowed to use our services). Usually, we don’t check the criminal record of anyone and allow ex-convicted people to use our services. We will, however, disable your account if you have been sentenced in life imprisonment, per example because you have been condemned for terrorism or mass murder.

Intellectual property and copyrights

By using TriPress, you need to follow applicable laws regarding intellectual property and copyrights, that includes. We remember that our website is not above applicable laws and that we may risk prosecution in case of non-respect of these laws.

The following types of content are infringements to intellectual property and copyrights :

  • Copy-and-paste of posts in their entirety from other websites without permission from the authors.
  • Resumption of information from other websites without cites your sources.
  • Unauthorized music and images in your posts.

If your activity and/or posts contain unauthorized images, we will censor these images. If you post images in your posts or anywhere on TriPress, you may have to inform us about the place where you took these images in order to certify us that you respect intellectual property and copyrights doing this.

If you want to quote some parts of posts from other web sources or newspaper, we will also require that all of your quotations don’t exceed 250 words for each external post out of respect for applicable laws.

You are not allowed to use TriPress name, logos or domain names. We, however, allow you to reproduce any feature that characterizes our social media.

Your engagements

When you use TriPress as when you use Twitter or other social networks, you become de facto a “world citizen” so that you have to interact with web users from everywhere in the world. It’s why TriPress imposes an “international social cohesion” that users agree to respect.

By using TriPress services, you engage :

  • To accept those other users will have different values from yours.
  • To reject discrimination based on age, nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability or mental disease.
  • To promote pacific coexistence between nations and peoples.
  • To defend basic concepts of privacy, freedom, and democracy (we strongly defend freedom of speech, but this freedom doesn’t make sense if people don’t stand to defend it).
  • To refrain from publishing any abusive, harmful, obscene, threatening or objectionable content (if you find an abusive behavior on TriPress, you may report it to us on this page).
  • To refrain from engaging yourself in targeted harassment, doxxing and violent threats against other users in order to silence them.
  • To not use multiple accounts in order to i) mislead other users and ourselves; ii) create fake accounts interaction; iii) manipulate TriPress tendencies; or iv) engage yourself in targeted harassment or mass reporting against other users.
  • To engage yourself in spam or malevolent activities.

It is strictly prohibited :

  • To impersonate another person in the aim of damaging him/her.
  • To collect personal data of other users for malicious purposes (we want to avoid a scandal similar to Cambridge Analytica).
  • To access another user’s account without his/her express authorization.
  • To promote terrorism and/or associate yourself with terrorist individuals and organizations.
  • To publish any image depicting child abuse anywhere on TriPress.
  • To use TriPress for illegal purposes.
  • To download malware in order to disrupt the functioning of TriPress or any other website (we don’t allow Internet users involved in cyber-attacks against any website to have a presence on TriPress).
  • To publish hyperlinks toward any malicious website.

The following offenses will result in permanent banishment of said accounts from TriPress services.

In case of non-compliance with TriPress TOS

In case of violation of our Terms of Service, we are likely to adopt the following sanctions :

  • Temporarily putting your account in spam list while we examine it to determine if you are or not involved in spam activity.
  • Downgrading your account and attributing you “contributor” status. You will be able to create new posts but will no longer be able to publish them. For TriPress Community, you will be banned from subforums related to politics and religion.
  • Downgrading your account and attributing you “subscriber” status. You may still use TriPress but will no longer be able to create new posts. You will no longer be able to post any topic or message on TriPress Community.
  • Temporarily blocking your account (we are likely to adopt this sanction in order to delete forbidden content or if a TriPress user has suicidal ideas).
  • Temporarily banning your account from TriPress during a period from 3 to 24 months.

Or in case of serious threat to the security of TriPress users and ourselves :

  • Permanently banning your account from TriPress.
  • Blocking your IP and preventing you from visiting our website.

If your account has been sanctioned by ourselves, don’t create new replacement accounts.


You must be warned that TriPress could be held liable for non-compliance with applicable laws and it’s why you could be barred to use our services if you subject us to prosecution.

TriPress being a private property, you must be warned that we don’t have any obligation to allow anyone to use our services.

TriPress TOS may be modified any time for any reason.

If you have questions about TriPress Terms of Service, you may use TriPress Community.

Effective date: December 4th, 2018