My anger about new political purges by Facebook and Twitter

Hello,   It's for say that I learned that Facebook and Twitter have purged several accounts, whose Anti-Media that I discovered (from a woman whose I won't say her name) and was among accounts that I followed on Twitter.   Apparently, the Anti-Media Facebook page would have been deleted "under the pretense of protecting its [...]

11 signs that you are a radical centrist (and not a real left-wing progressive)

We usually compare far-left and far-right and consider that both are similar with their authoritarian and sectarian tendencies. However, we can noting that centrists can also have their own authoritarian and sectarian tendencies by delegitimizing their opponents as "extremists". It's especially the case of so-called "moderate leftists" who often attack anti-war activists and other real [...]

A message for activists who have been “shadowbanned” from Twitter

*For those who wants to read the French version of post.   Hello everyone,   I send you this message because I regrettably notice that several anti-atlanticist and pro-Russian activists have been tragically "shadowbanned" from Twitter.   First, to better explain the "shadowbanned" word, I understood that it was a commonly used term to designate [...]

Five reasons why you should use TriPress rather than Facebook

*For those who wants to read the French version of article.   Recently, I created a new social network from WordPress, a microblogging website that will be used as an alternative to greater social media as Facebook and Twitter. Addition to serious violations of privacy, Facebook and other GAFAM increasingly censor dissents, including pacfist and [...]