Privacy policy

TriPress purpose is to embody an alternative to Facebook, Google, and other GAFAM, an alternative that protects your privacy and your freedom of speech.

Recently, the GAFAM services have been involved in several scandals regarding many flaws on the protection of users’ privacy, including the Cambridge Analytica scandal where the British society had acquired and used personal data of at least 87 million Facebook users in order to facilitate the victory of Donald Trump in US presidential elections of 2016.

We also know that Facebook, Google, and other GAFAM collect personal data of their users to sell them to advertisers and also US authorities. This is where TriPress services will be different and we engage to never give, share or sell your personal data to anyone.

All content that is published on TriPress will stay on TriPress.

All navigation data are anonymous and we never check who visits our website. We don’t use Google Analytics or any app or service that would allow us to track you or geolocate you.

Public identity

When you register on TriPress, you have to choose the public name that will appear in your articles and comments.

If you don’t want to publicly show your real identity, you may choose a pseudonym to replace the name that you use in real life. You may also choose a pseudonym if you have poor relations with your family and your relatives and don’t want to be spied by the latter as on Facebook.

There are web users who, publicly, use a pseudonym to mask their real identity, but when they communicate by emails with their personal friends, they then reveal their real identity. It’s that we recommend you to do if you have a shy personality and that you want to show your real identity only to your trusted friends.

Personal information

Facebook requires that you give all your personal information whatever about your family, your relatives, your home, your job, schools that you have frequented and everything else. Don’t do it and you will then be banned from the platform.

TriPress, however, considers that personal information is not personal for nothing and will never ask you any of this sensitive information. You will only have to provide basic information as your email address, your gender, your birth date, and your country. You may choose to complete all other profile information only if you want to do it to say a bit about yourself as well as you may choose to no complete other fields if you prefer to remain anonymous.

We will never ask you neither your mobile phone number nor an identity document in order to identify you because we recognize your right to anonymity.

Other data that we collect

By default, we don’t collect any of your personal data other that your basic information. If you register on TriPress by using Discord, Twitter or VKontakte, we have only access to your email address. We don’t have access to your phone number or any of other data that you have provided on these services.

However, we may be brought to collect these data :

  • Your activity on other social media: If you use other social media, we may be brought to check your activity there if we detect any suspicious activity in your TriPress account.
  • Your IP address: Your IP address is collected only if you use the default registration method. If you create an account by using other social media, we don’t have any access to your IP. By default, we don’t check your IP address (nor keep it once your account deleted). We may, however, be brought to do it if i) we estimate that you are involved in malevolent activity; ii) we estimate that you have violated our Terms of Service; iii) we are forced to do it under applicable laws ; iv) we want to investigate and determinate if you have created multiple accounts in forbidden ways.

If you use Donation, we will also keep your name when you will give the donation to TriPress. You may anytime ask us to delete your name off our list of donors.

Data that we keep and share

Unlike other websites that often keep your personal data even when you delete your accounts for these services, TriPress deletes all your personal data when you delete your TriPress account. If you delete your TriPress account, we will delete all your posts.

We won’t keep your email address unless you are interested to maintain personal relations with us.

We won’t share any of your personal data unless in the case of a criminal investigation where we could be forced to do it.

Unless exception, we never delete inactive accounts, then we recommend you to make sure to delete your account if you no longer want to use TriPress and you want to have all your personal data deleted.

How do we protect your private data?

In the same way, as we engage to never sell, give or share your personal data with anyone, we also ask all users to do the same. Any attempt to collect personal data from other users to give, sell or share them to advertisers or national or international agencies will result in permanent banishment from TriPress.

Otherwise, we may also recommend you some tools that you may use to better protect your privacy :

  • Using privacy settings in your profile page to better protect your personal data.
  • Filling in additional information about yourself only if you want to do it and if you are comfortable with revealing yourself on TriPress.
  • Choosing a pseudonym instead of your real name if you want to remain anonymous on TriPress.
  • Don’t respond to emails from anyone who will attempt to impersonate TriPress admins in order to collect either your password, your phone number, your identity document or your geolocalization (we will never ask you any of these sensitive data).
  • Using a webmail server respectful of privacy such as ProtonMail (that is neither localized in European Union nor in a NATO country) instead of Gmail or Yahoo! Mail.
  • Using a web browser respectful of privacy instead of Chrome.
  • etc.


If you have questions about these rules, you may use TriPress Community service.


Effective date: November 11th, 2018