More details about TriPress rules

There are several answers to your questions about TriPress rules :

Can I be sanctioned if I’m accused of harassment or unsolicited discussions with some other uses?

Usually, we don’t intervene against TriPress users for simple harassment issues that can be solved with a blocking from an account to another account. Since we are all adults on TriPress, we have a policy that consists of let you solve your problems by yourselves. However, we may take sanctions if users make credible threats of violence against other users or if they push them to depression or suicide.

Can I be falsely accused of racism or xenophobia?

We understand that several people are wrongly accused of racism and xenophobia by those who have a wide definition of these concepts. It’s why we will investigate and determine if your content can be considered as racism or xenophobia. Per example, we won’t remove content promoting stricter integration of foreigners and minorities or expulsion of convicted foreigners, but we will remove a content that calls to ethnic cleansing or mass deportation or detention of foreigners and minorities.

*Noting that a personal attack against any member of an ethnic minority doesn’t mean that the person has a problem with all persons from this minority.

What is your stance on antisemitism?

Our rules are clear, we don’t tolerate incitement to hatred, violence or murder against Jews as well as Holocaust Denial and false rumors dehumanizing Jewish communities (ex. allegations of Jewish involvement in so-called “Migrant Caravan”), and any content that violates these rules will be removed from TriPress. However, we don’t confuse antisemitism with legitimate criticism of Israel and we ask you to be tolerant over criticism of Israeli policy or Israeli government. Don’t pretend that Israeli government would represent all Jews and don’t confuse criticism of Israeli, anti-Zionism and antisemitism. We are also likely to take sanctions against McCarthyite extremists that harass and threat Jews who dare to criticize Israeli policies, including a temporary of permanent banishment from TriPress services.


There will have more questions and answers gradually.