Reporting an abuse on TriPress

Do you want to report an abuse on TriPress services?

In this case, moderators and admins are disposable to help you. You may send to one of us a message to report us any content that violates TriPress Terms of Service and/or applicable laws.

To report a post, you have to send us a link to this article. You may also report an account so that we investigate and determine if this account violates TriPress Terms of Service.

Rather than activate reporting flags or buttons, we will instead encourage you to contact us directly.

There are some rules when you report an abuse on TriPress :

  • Remember that content must infringe either applicable laws or TriPress rules. A content that is simply unpleasant or shocking must not be reported to us.
  • We have also rules against false denunciations that may result sanctions against infringers.

We remove the following types of content :

  • Racism, russophobia and xenophobia.
  • Indiscriminate stigmatisation of groups of people.
  • Ethnic and religious slurs.
  • Incitement to violence, murder and suicide.
  • Targeted harrassment, doxxing and threats.
  • Depiction of child abuse.
  • Promotion of terrorism and political violence against civilians.
  • Incitement to war of aggression against other nations and peoples.
  • Any content that violates intellectual property and copyrights.
  • Spamming and trolling.

In case of repeated violation of TriPress rules, infringers could be temporarily or definitively barred from platform.