TriPress Groups Rules

TriPress Groups allow you to create your own group with your TriPress friends. When you create your own group, your group has its own “activity” page where each of your TriPress friends can contribute.

When you create a group on TriPress, don’t forget that your group must comply with our rules under penalty of being deleted by TriPress admins.

We don’t allow users’ groups that :

  • Promote hate and/or violence against any group of people.
  • Glorify violence, murder or suicide.
  • Promote target harassment against anyone.
  • Glorify Neo-Nazism or any extremist ideology.
  • Promote war of aggression against any nation or people.
  • Promote terrorism or political violence against civilians.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in suppression of said groups and, in extreme cases, sanctions against infringers.


Effective date : October 22th 2018