It is now possible to automatically publish your TriPress posts on Steemit

Hello,   It's to say that I recently installed a plugin named SteemPress, that allows WordPress bloggers to automatically publish their blog posts on Steemit.   I created an account on Steemit since almost a week, then my registration has been approved since yesterday. Now, I can automatically publish my TriPress posts on Steemit by [...]

How create your own social media by using WordPress?

Hello, I write this post because you have probably noticed that my website has been created by using WordPress source code. It's why I will explain you that creating your own social media is now much easier that you may think it. The beginning in WordPress There is two ways to start the creation of [...]

A message for activists who have been “shadowbanned” from Twitter

*For those who wants to read the French version of post.   Hello everyone,   I send you this message because I regrettably notice that several anti-atlanticist and pro-Russian activists have been tragically "shadowbanned" from Twitter.   First, to better explain the "shadowbanned" word, I understood that it was a commonly used term to designate [...]

Five reasons why you should use TriPress rather than Facebook

*For those who wants to read the French version of article.   Recently, I created a new social network from WordPress, a microblogging website that will be used as an alternative to greater social media as Facebook and Twitter. Addition to serious violations of privacy, Facebook and other GAFAM increasingly censor dissents, including pacfist and [...]