What season are you?

There is a list of 30 questions about your preferences, your traits and your philosophical opinions that will determine which season is right for you. This personality test will use the hot/cold personality scale, the summer being associated with a hot and positive personality, and the winter being associated with a cold and negative personality. [...]

Analyzing what will happen in 2019

One or two weeks ago, I read a very interesting article from Sputnik in the French language about "astrological previsions" that could happen in 2019, and I will try to analyze these previsions and divide for every theme addressed. About international reactions, two opposed geopolitical blocks will emerge in 2019 and there will have more [...]

Analyzing differences between libertarians and conservatives

I recently read a post from Reason.com titled "Why You Are Not A Conservative", and I can say that it's a post that deserves to be analyzed. While that we often consider that libertarians are right-wingers as conservatives, this author from Reason.com consider that libertarians wouldn't be neither leftists nor rightists and explain some similarities [...]