Do you know ProtonVPN, the VPN service associated with ProtonMail?

Hi, I write this post because I recently installed ProtonVPN and create an account in this service. For those who don't know what is a VPN (virtual private network), it's a system that links distant computers, that allows you to use an IP address from another server. The VPN is useful for internet users who [...]

Would it be so dramatic to live in “digital far west”?

While big tech companies are accused of sharing our personal data with advertisers and having let "fake news" influence Brexit results and general elections and referendums in United States and Europe, an increasing number of western leaders are determined to regulate the web (especially of non-western influences), at the risk of undermining our free speech, [...]

Le “lumpenprolétariat”, ou la supercherie de la “lutte des classes”

Aujourd'hui, j'ai appris qu'un groupe dénommé la "Ligue de Défense Noire Africaine" a voulu organiser dès demain une contre-manifestation contre les Gilets Jaunes. En réponse à cela, Saskia a fait référence à ce que Marx aurait appelé le "lumpenprolétariat" (ou "sous-prolétariat"). D'abord, qu'est-ce que c'est que le "lumpenprolétariat"? Selon Karl Marx, il s'agit d'une "force [...]

Comprendre la gauche identitaire (et ce qui la différencie de la droite identitaire)

Bonjour,   Aujourd'hui, je vais répondre à un dénommé Aliocha Morin Ender qui a publié un long discours sur Twitter sur ce qu'il appelle la "gauche politique identitaire", qui mériterait une réponse. Selon ce Twitto, la gauche aurait désormais une "analyse identitaire de la politique", dans le sens qu'elle exclurait les gens en fonction de [...]

It is now possible to automatically publish your TriPress posts on Steemit

Hello,   It's to say that I recently installed a plugin named SteemPress, that allows WordPress bloggers to automatically publish their blog posts on Steemit.   I created an account on Steemit since almost a week, then my registration has been approved since yesterday. Now, I can automatically publish my TriPress posts on Steemit by [...]

Comprendre la guerre des lobbys et des générations anciennes contre Internet

Je poste cet article pour parler du fameux article 13 d'une nouvelle législation de l'Union européenne qui va vraisemblablement affecter la liberté d'expression sur Internet. Selon des rapports, cette loi aurait pour but d'exiger que les grandes plateformes du web, dont YouTube notamment, rémunèrent la presse, les entreprises de musique et les compagnies de cinéma. [...]

Analyzing differences between libertarians and conservatives

I recently read a post from titled "Why You Are Not A Conservative", and I can say that it's a post that deserves to be analyzed. While that we often consider that libertarians are right-wingers as conservatives, this author from consider that libertarians wouldn't be neither leftists nor rightists and explain some similarities [...]

The deletion of my Twitter account

Hello,   You have probably noticed that my account no longer exists.   The reason? Because Twitter has unfairly suspended Paul Craig Roberts, an honest man who was neither aggressive nor hateful.   I won't make any comment on this totalitarian suspension, but it's for say that I will no longer use Twitter from now. [...]

Understanding the rise of right-wing terrorism

This week, several opponents of Trump administration, such as Soros, Obama, Clinton, but also Joe Biden, Robert De Niro and CNN journalists, have received suspect packages that would contain explosive devices. I will write this post to express my firm condamnation of these attempts to kill all Trump opponents from everywhere in United States. Right [...]

Big telecoms support censorship of “non-politically correct” opinions

Few days ago, I learned that both Bell Media and Rogers Media had refused to "run ads" for Faith Goldy, the far-right candidate for Toronto mayoral elections of this year. Bell justified its decision in "reference to rules against hate speech, offensive materials, and false or misleading messages". Thus, big telecoms would be in favor [...]