Understanding hatred of Tulsi Gabbard from Pakistani Muslims (and what that says about India-Pakistan relations)

These last days, I read some tweets from critics of US candidate, Tulsi Gabbard, such as Sameera Khan (a correspondent from RT with Pakistani Muslim roots) who seems to have a serious grudge against her. The reason? Her alleged support for Hindu nationalists in India. I won't make any commentary for this, but that is [...]

Why real progressives should support Tulsi Gabbard for next US presidential elections?

Hi, I will respond to a post from The Intercept criticizing the US presidential candidate, Tulsi Gabbard, for "supporting nationalist leaders from Modi to Assad", and I will explain why she could be a greater candidate than Trump, Biden or Sanders. Because there is a strong difference between supporting nationalist leaders and promoting diplomacy with [...]

What season are you?

There is a list of 30 questions about your preferences, your traits and your philosophical opinions that will determine which season is right for you. This personality test will use the hot/cold personality scale, the summer being associated with a hot and positive personality, and the winter being associated with a cold and negative personality. [...]

Analyzing what will happen in 2019

One or two weeks ago, I read a very interesting article from Sputnik in the French language about "astrological previsions" that could happen in 2019, and I will try to analyze these previsions and divide for every theme addressed. About international reactions, two opposed geopolitical blocks will emerge in 2019 and there will have more [...]

My wishes for this year 2019

Hi, Today, I will speak about some wishes that I have for this new year 2019. They are especially about hopes to see regression of our humanity reversed. Here they are : I hope that there will be, in Brazil, a strong resistance against new Bolsonaro neo-fascist government.I hope that in the United States, the [...]

Why most people prefer Chrome (despite the fact that Firefox has better ethics?)

Recently, Microsoft has planned to recast the Edge Browser to adopt the Chromium web engine, that was not a good new for Firefox now that Google will increase its dominance on the internet. The disappointment of Firefox is understandable since it's rather hazardous to let only one corporation taking the entire control over internet infrastructure, [...]

Do you know ProtonVPN, the VPN service associated with ProtonMail?

Hi, I write this post because I recently installed ProtonVPN and create an account in this service. For those who don't know what is a VPN (virtual private network), it's a system that links distant computers, that allows you to use an IP address from another server. The VPN is useful for internet users who [...]

Would it be so dramatic to live in “digital far west”?

While big tech companies are accused of sharing our personal data with advertisers and having let "fake news" influence Brexit results and general elections and referendums in United States and Europe, an increasing number of western leaders are determined to regulate the web (especially of non-western influences), at the risk of undermining our free speech, [...]

Comprendre la gauche identitaire (et ce qui la différencie de la droite identitaire)

Bonjour,   Aujourd'hui, je vais répondre à un dénommé Aliocha Morin Ender qui a publié un long discours sur Twitter sur ce qu'il appelle la "gauche politique identitaire", qui mériterait une réponse. Selon ce Twitto, la gauche aurait désormais une "analyse identitaire de la politique", dans le sens qu'elle exclurait les gens en fonction de [...]

It is now possible to automatically publish your TriPress posts on Steemit

Hello,   It's to say that I recently installed a plugin named SteemPress, that allows WordPress bloggers to automatically publish their blog posts on Steemit.   I created an account on Steemit since almost a week, then my registration has been approved since yesterday. Now, I can automatically publish my TriPress posts on Steemit by [...]