TriPress is a social media created from WordPress and currently hosted by Cloudways.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to fight for privacy, anonymity on internet, freedom of speech and open internet.

TriPress, like WordPress, campaigns for diversity of values, ideas and opinions, and for respect of sovereignty of each nation.

What is our privacy policy?

We collect only the bare minimum of your personal data, such as your gender, your birth date, your language(s) and your location. You may choose a pseudonym if you want to be anonymous on TriPress.

All content that you post on TriPress is made for stay among TriPress community.

We never share any personal data to anyone except as constrained by law.

Where is TriPress located?

I live in a little town in South East Quebec, but TriPress is hosted by Cloudways, a server located in Malta. I may also say that TriPress is a little website and not a corporation and that we never exchange personal data with any other platform.

What is TriPress license?

TriPress license, as those of WordPress, is free so that you are allowed to reproduce any feature found on our platform. I also explain how reproduce a social media similar to ours with WordPress.

Legal Terms

Country : Canada

State : Quebec

City : Asbestos

Email Address : tripress@protonmail.ch

Twitter Username : RochTristan

Telegram Username : RochTristan


*I don’t accept any contact by phone because I don’t want to be disturbed.


Effective date : October 24th 2018


Tristan Roch-Desparois