Analyzing what will happen in 2019

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One or two weeks ago, I read a very interesting article from Sputnik in the French language about “astrological previsions” that could happen in 2019, and I will try to analyze these previsions and divide for every theme addressed.

About international reactions, two opposed geopolitical blocks will emerge in 2019 and there will have more conflicts around the world

It’s possible that tensions between global and regional powers will increase so that it is possible that our world will be further divided into rival geopolitical blocks. It is possible or not that a cold war will happen this year or in next years.

However, it is true that Russia could gain more sympathy from other nations since it will increase its soft power around the world, so that we will be forced, one day or another, to make compromises with Russian people.

I think that with or without Trump, the US government will anyway become more russophobic so that it will provoke more tensions with Russian government and Russian people, and restrict free speech at home for supporters of Russia.

Terrorism with grow further, immigrants will go in Russia rather than in Europe and global warming will favor development of towns and villages

It is possible that there will be more terrorism in West and everywhere in world, but I especially think that it will be a far-right terrorism rather than an islamic terrorism since that far-right militias will want to take their revenge, create vigilant groups and fight with immigrants, Muslims and far-left activists.

Now that Western societies are becoming less liberal and less progressive while that Eastern societies can take the opposite direction, it is possible that immigrants and refugees will choose to immigrate in Russia, China or other non-western societies. That could be the occasion for Eastern societies to interact with other cultures and accelerate their economic and political development.

It is possible that global warming will favor the development of towns and villages, that could decrease poverty in these regions, but it will mean that our cities will become too hot or too polluted and it will be a disaster for our humanity. I only hope that there will lead to the decline of oil lobbies around the world as specified in article.

About Ukraine

However, I won’t be as optimistic as the one who predicts a peace in Donbass. I would rather predict that there will be more tensions between Western Ukraine and Eastern Ukraine, and between Ukraine and Russia.

The last predictions are off-topic, thus I don’t think needing to talk about these issues.