Analyzing differences between libertarians and conservatives

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I recently read a post from titled “Why You Are Not A Conservative“, and I can say that it’s a post that deserves to be analyzed.

While that we often consider that libertarians are right-wingers as conservatives, this author from consider that libertarians wouldn’t be neither leftists nor rightists and explain some similarities between socialism and conservatism, per example that both ideologies would believe that “order [is] the result of the continuous attention of authority.”

I noticed myself that socialism and conservatism are more similar ideologies that most of us tend to think it, because both are collectivistic ideologies. Socialists are often blamed to be “collectivists”, but conservatives (it’s probably less true in anglosphere world since conservatives have adopted some libertarian features, but it’s more true elsewhere, per example in France, in Europe or in Quebec) also attack individualism and consider that this would be an “evil that would destroy our western societies”.

Those who consider themselves as “right-wingers” because they hate leftists and socialists, those who say something like “I hate conservatives but I really fucking hate liberals” (I think to Matt Stone, the creator of South Park, or Buzz Osbourne, the singer of Melvins). These persons are just libertarians. They are not conservatives. If you think that conservatism is all about attacking progressivism and socialism, I could then say that you are not really conservatives.

If you hate socialism because you have “poor social skills”, or because you hate governement and “left-wing moralism”, conservatism (real conservatism, not libertarian-leaning conservatism) is under no circumstances made for you. Conservatism is about tradition, family, heritage, fatherland, authority and a strict morality that wouldn’t be suitable for anti-authoritarian rebels, often considered by conservative groups as “antisocial wankers”. I was a former support of conservative ideology, but I had a fight with a former friend of a national-conservative group, and I since learned that conservatism was under no circumstances made for me.

Libertarianism, on the other hand, has more in common with classical liberalism than with traditionalist conservatism. Libertarians are uncomfortable with socialism, statism and collectivism, but they accept feminism, individual autonomy and sometimes multiculturalism and immigration. They don’t want the return to pre-60s era or to 19th century with patriarchy, slavery and all reactionary values.

In fact, as well as CATO Institute would say it, libertarians in United States would have more in common with progressive Democrats than with traditionalist Republicans (especially since ascension of Trump, alt-right and statist conservatives). It’s one of the reason why I will support Democrats for next US midterms that will take place in one or two weeks.

I hope that my post will help you to reflect.