The deletion of my Twitter account

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You have probably noticed that my account no longer exists.


The reason? Because Twitter has unfairly suspended Paul Craig Roberts, an honest man who was neither aggressive nor hateful.


I won’t make any comment on this totalitarian suspension, but it’s for say that I will no longer use Twitter from now. I’m sorry for this decision, but that’s the way.


From now, I will use alternative social media, such as Minds, Mastodon and VKontakte. I will also contribute to my own website by hoping that other internet users will join me.


My Minds account : RochTristan


My Mastodon account : RochTristan


My VKontakte account : Troch95


*Update of October 26th, 03:38 UTC+1 : I reactivated my account so that my Twitter friends can join me, but I will no longer use it. My account will be officially deleted in maximum six months.


*Update of October 26th, 20:10 UTC+1 : Finally, it was not Paul Craig Roberts who was suspended, but an individual who has impersonated him with in account in his name. All apologies for this misunderstanding. However, I prefer to keep my decision to not using Twitter anymore, and instead using alternative social media where I could feel more safe.


*Update of October 27th, 16:10 UTC+1 : Finally, I won’t leave Twitter. Most of my friends are on this social media so that I wouldn’t leave them by deleting my account