Understanding the rise of right-wing terrorism

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This week, several opponents of Trump administration, such as Soros, Obama, Clinton, but also Joe Biden, Robert De Niro and CNN journalists, have received suspect packages that would contain explosive devices.

I will write this post to express my firm condamnation of these attempts to kill all Trump opponents from everywhere in United States.

Right now, we still not know who would want to commit several killings, but it is very likely that it is either a far-right fool or a coalition of some far-right fools that would want to engage a showdown with left-wing political figures accused of supporting globalism, multiculturalism and liberalism.

Barely these attacks have started that far-right and right-wing fools propagated conspiracy theories about a “hoax started by Democrats” in order to defeat Republicans in midterms that will take place in two weeks. It is true that october (specifically the end of october) is a time when unpredictable things happen, and it often influence results in US elections that happen each two years.

That said, why starting a terrorist attack against anyone that far-right fools don’t like? Effectively, this strategy can only benefit Democrats that want to win next US elections in order to weaken Trump administration, but in this case, we can say that this strategy is suicidal for right-leaning Republicans.

I can say there is a fringe of ultra-conservatives that suffer of a serious persecution complex, attacking any criticism of their behaviors and speeches as a “leftist/socialist/communist conspiracy in other to silencing them”. According them, right-wing and far-right terrorism wouldn’t exist because only leftists could be aggressive and violent. If Hitler is responsible for death of more than seventy million people, it’s surely because he was a “leftist/socialist/communist”. It’s clear that ultra-conservative fools want to clean themselves of any responsability of their deadly ideology on killings of several million people around the world. In this case, how explain the fact that far-right fools constantly justify the killings of millions of Arabs and non-western peoples around the world, in addition that they constantly harass and threat any of their political opponents? And in addition of that, they constantly complain about the fact that only conservatives would be censored by big tech companies (while that all proofs demonstrate that progressives and anti-war activists are also victims of this same censorship)! I’m against any kind of censorship, but for me, it’s justified to repress speeches that incite to hatred and violence against individuals and groups of people.

I can also say that behind these denials of attempts to kill Trump opponents could hide a wish by far-right antisocial fools to see all left-wing political figures eleminated. They probably tell themselves some things such as “Yeah! Well done for these far-left socialist/bolshevik parasites!” We can see that they refuse to express the slightest empathy toward their political opponents when these latters are threatened like in the case of terrorist attacks attempts that took place this week.

Now that a such thing is happened this week, it’s likely that Democrats will have more chances to win next US midterms and that after that, far-right fools will have to regret their limitless arrogance, because when such a tragedy happens, this often leads to decline of civil liberties, whose freedom of speech. If they don’t change their attitude, they will have to say goodbye to their freedom of speech. It’s regrettable since left-wing progressives would also pay the costs of more secure measures that may be adopted after this week.