Big telecoms support censorship of “non-politically correct” opinions

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Few days ago, I learned that both Bell Media and Rogers Media had refused to “run ads” for Faith Goldy, the far-right candidate for Toronto mayoral elections of this year. Bell justified its decision in “reference to rules against hate speech, offensive materials, and false or misleading messages“.

Thus, big telecoms would be in favor of censoring what our elites call “fake news” and “information manipulation” in name of western governements’ interests.

In this case, alt-right fools will be warned that end of net neutrality in United States (and western societies) won’t save their freedom of speech.

I understand the anger of American conservatives and right-leaning libertarians that complain about “conservative censorship” by big tech companies such as Twitter, Facebook and Google, but killing net neutrality will on the contrary favor these corporations and stigmatize alternative social media more respectful of privacy and free speech such as, Minds and Mastodon.

Opponents of net neutrality put forward the fact that net neutrality would favor government control of internet, but the reality is that big corporations are those that collabore the most with governments in order to coordinate war against online dissent speeches. While that alternative web services such as Minds and others are less monitored by western authorities and can have free hands to apply their own moderation rules that don’t favor gain over people. I know that since I admin this website and I beware governement censorship of alternative media. I was also opposed to banishment of Alex Jones from Twitter not because I admire him, but because I understand what this is that being constantly bullied for his/her “disturbing” opinions.

Now, if you don’t believe me, you can read this post from someone who has much more experience than me on this issue. I just want to say that you shouldn’t call to kill net neutrality under the influence of anger or emotion.