My anger about new political purges by Facebook and Twitter

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It’s for say that I learned that Facebook and Twitter have purged several accounts, whose Anti-Media that I discovered (from a woman whose I won’t say her name) and was among accounts that I followed on Twitter.


Apparently, the Anti-Media Facebook page would have been deleted “under the pretense of protecting its users from “inauthentic activity””. First, what is an “inauthentic activity”? Could Facebook and Twitter give a definition of what is an “inauthentic activity”? Another proof that it’s just an another pretext to justify censorship of any content that they don’t like!


I can say that this time, I’m really going crazy about russophobic paranoia of Big tech compagnies from Silicon Valley that persist to see “Russian conspirators” among each political dissent, a McCarthyite practice that is common in totalitarian societies! And they have the nerve to bawl about those who would want to “undermine democracy in western societies”! Really, how many times will we have to repeat them that we cannot fight authoritarianism and dictatorship by authoritarianism and dictatorship?


I also read on Breitbart a rumor claiming that Google and other Big tech companies would have renounced to freedom of speech in name of “creating ordered spaces for safety and civility”. Well that Breitbart cannot be considered as a truthful media because of its conspiracy theories, it’s however clear that Big tech companies have abandoned the open internet in favor of a centralized internet controlled by US Deep State.


Unfortunately for Big Tech companies, Facebook’s stock has dropped because of scandals such as Cambridge Analytica affair, and the recent data breaches could also harm Facebook reputation. We need to remember that GAFA have a seriously poor reputation about respect of privacy of their users, because of their collaboration with NSA an US authorities. We know that US Big Tech compagnies tend to impose the American right to users from everywhere in world instead of apply different policies depending on nationality of users. All of this is no longer tolerated by people around the world that demand that Americans respect sovereignty of each country around the world.


Now, we also attend decline of trust in radical centrist elites and mainstream media, that’s could explain why Donald Trump has won the US Elections of 2016 instead of Hillary Clinton. Radical centrist elites are in the process of collapsing and being replaced by real left-wing and real right-wing personalities. It’s why they become more agressive and want to silence, censor and eliminate their political opponents. Sorry, but the world is changing, and they will have to adapt. Otherwise, they won’t survive anymore. A thing that is unable to adapt is doomed to disappear and collapse.