11 signs that you are a radical centrist (and not a real left-wing progressive)

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We usually compare far-left and far-right and consider that both are similar with their authoritarian and sectarian tendencies. However, we can noting that centrists can also have their own authoritarian and sectarian tendencies by delegitimizing their opponents as “extremists”. It’s especially the case of so-called “moderate leftists” who often attack anti-war activists and other real progressives by calling them “far-leftists” and delegitimize criticism of western politics and especially criticism of western foreign policy.

Now, as to know if you are really a left-wing activist or in fact a radical centrist who pretend to serve the left-wing cause, I had the idea to create this post with several signs that do that you are a radical centrist. Hold on because you will probably recognize yourself in these signs :

1) You attack both left-wing and right-wing activists by calling them “extremists” :

On one side, you attack Trump and alt-right supporters, but one another, you also attack those that you call “alt-leftists”, while refraining from criticizing right-wing neocons that justify US aggressive foreign policy against Iran, Russia and China.

2) You consider that left-wing viewpoints that you don’t like are illegitimate because “radical” :

Being a real left-wing progressive is not just about supporting fundamental rights of poor, women and foreigners, it’s also about opposing mass surveillance of citizens, wars of aggression against weaker nations and increasing censorship of dissent opinions.

3) You blindly support GAFA in censorship of opinions that they don’t like :

You express your joy when Facebook, Google and Twitter censor conservative and right-wing opinions, but you (volontarily) ignore that progressive and left-wing activists are even more censored on these platforms than those from the right (that’s even mainstream media seem to recognize).

4) For you, criticism of US foreign policy (and by extension western foreign policy) is taboo :

You support rights of minorities, redistribution of wealth and universal healthcare, but you consider that those who dare criticizing US aggressive foreign poliy are just “fanatic extremists” that need to be silenced and/or jailed.

5) You pretend that theories that question systematic guilt of adversaries of western powers are “fake news” :

When international crises happen, there are always at least two different point of views that need to be heard and took into account. But you fail to constate this and consider that only western point of view is “legitimate” while that other point of view would be “illegitimate”.

6) You automatically equate criticism of Israeli policy with antisemitism :

You cannot be a real left-wing activist if you are just too coward to criticize the current far-right Israeli government that oppress and kill Palestinian activists, and gradually expand Israeli colonies in Palestinian occuped territories. Until proven otherwise, criticism of Israeli policy is not anti-Zionism and anti-Zionism is not antisemitism.

7) You attack antisemitism with more intensity than you do it with islamophobia :

It’s nice to fight antisemitism, but you must not forget that islamophobia is also an endemic problem that affect our western societies. Those who constantly attack Corbyn as “antisemitic” are often the same who are silent about Tommy Robinson and its islamophobic stance.

8) You pretend that the British Labour Party is “institutionally antisemitic” :

The British Labour Party has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy regarding any form of racism, antisemitism and islamophobia, and adopting these objectionable views result in expulsion from left-wing party.

9) You pretend that western civilization would be “superior” to other civilizations :

A real humanist progressive believes that there is no any civilization that is better to another, but just different civilizations with different cultures, different beliefs and different values.

10) Your aggressive defense of so-called “western democracies” is a pretext to justify censorship of opinions that you don’t like :

When western governments censor opinions that they don’t like because “radical” and disqualify claims from popular masses as “illegitimate”, it’s no longer democracy, its soft authoritarianism! Soft authoritarianism is not much better than hard authoritarianism, and “by dint of protecting democracy, we will eventually destroy it”. A little sentence to meditate.

11) You would rather support Hillary Clinton, John McCain and George Soros instead of Jeremy Corbyn, Noam Chomsky and Bernie Sanders :

Finally, you support political personalities who are popular among right-wing neocon population, George Soros hasn’t a good reputation among left-wing progressives (forget rumors from far right fools associating Soros with far left), and John McCain was a right-wing neocon from Republican Party, but you support him anyway because he was a “moderate rightist”. Why not supporting real left-wing personalities who campaign for peace and friendship between communities instead?

BONUS) You pretend that this post is just an other “fake news bullshit” :

And I was almost going to forget, if you want to criticize my post, it would be nice if you could do it with conscructive comments rather than with slurs and defamation.


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