A message for activists who have been “shadowbanned” from Twitter

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*For those who wants to read the French version of post.


Hello everyone,


I send you this message because I regrettably notice that several anti-atlanticist and pro-Russian activists have been tragically “shadowbanned” from Twitter.


First, to better explain the “shadowbanned” word, I understood that it was a commonly used term to designate users who would be masked and spread from social networks without be technically banned.


It does not matter, these users are maybe not really banned from social networks, but the situation is anyway critical, because the repression seems to strike anyone who dares to criticize the neocon system that leads with an iron hand, including Citizen Halo, Emma, Ian56, Caitlin Johnstone, but also myself, and it’s without forgetting the dissent websites that are gradually censored and masked from Google.


Increasingly, Facebook, Google, but also Twitter, give up to pressure from governments hostile to Russia and in general to multipolar world, these same governements that pretend to fight for democracy, mais end up to become its gravediggers.


It’s why I created my new social network that is called TriPress, a social network that will fight at all costs for friendship between peoples and world peace, and will never align itself with atlanticist and neocon camp. Anyone wishing to campaign for peace and against war and violence may register today on my website. I will then activate your accounts as soon as you will be registered. Don’t forget however to store the hyperlink to my website so that you don’t lose the access to TriPress.


*For those who wants to read the French version of post.