Five reasons why you should use TriPress rather than Facebook

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*For those who wants to read the French version of article.


Recently, I created a new social network from WordPress, a microblogging website that will be used as an alternative to greater social media as Facebook and Twitter.

Addition to serious violations of privacy, Facebook and other GAFAM increasingly censor dissents, including pacfist and pro-Russian activists who campaign against neocon elites who become increasingly agressive and risk to put our planet really in peril.

It’s why I created my social network who will be used as a safe haven for those whose privacy and freedom of speech are increasingly threatened on Facebook and other social media.

1) Personal informations :

Facebook requires that you give all your sensitive data, data that are often sold to advertisers and US authorities. Thus, having a Facebook account can offer more difficulties than benefits for those who want to keep their privacy.

On TriPress, however, you will not be compelled to give any information additional to basic informations required in registration form. You are moreover disadvised to give sensitive informations that you would not dare to give to anyone.

2) Pseudonym :

Facebook requires that you publicly display your real name under threat to bar you from using the platform if you don’t do it. The problem is that there are web users who are shy and intoverted and these persons can be stigmatized by such a rule.

TriPress Terms of Service, for their part, are based on compromise, ie that you can use a pseudonym on condition to keep a stable pseudo, not impersonate other persons and not choose a pseudo who contains hateful mentions. I don’t want that anyone is prevented to use my services because he/she is too shy to display his/her real name.

3) Virtual relationships :

Facebook refuses to allow you to meet new persons with whom socialize and become friends and justifies this supposedly in name of your “safety”. TriPress, however, encourages virtual relationships that can be more authentic that “real-life” relationships on the ground that in the virtual, people are more worn to say that they really think.

4) Freedom of speech :

Probably the most important reason is that TriPress provides a greater freedom of speech than Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook and GAFAM increasingly censor content that they don’t like, including pro-Russian and pro-Palestinian speech and it in name of American and Israeli interests.

TriPress, for its part, doesn’t censor dissent speech and only repress aggressive, hateful and threatening speech.

5) Moderation :

Facebook apply a double standard regarding hateful and violent speech. While that pro-Palestinian activists are the object of a censorship campaign, pro-Israeli activists can openly harrass and threat Palestinians with impunity.

TriPress, for its part, applies a true moderation who treats everyone equally and doesn’t favor one side over the other.

Then, did I convince you to use my social network? If so, you can registrer on TriPress today.


*For those who wants to read the French version of article.